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519th Transportation Association, Thailand history


The history of the 519th Transportation Association, Thailand is short and unique, first as an idea in the mind of this old veteran who wanted to know if there were others from his unit (the 519th Transportation Battalion) stationed in Thailand.

Beginning in 1995 quite a few snail mail letters were sent out, some even generated a number of return phone calls.

With the advent of a user friendly internet (Thanks Al Gore), in 1996 it was time to go online.

The initial name of our online veterans group was aptly called "The United States Army Transportation Association, Thailand" (Quite a mouthful). The focus was aimed at a particular segment of military veterans.

It became immediately apparent that Army transportation was but a small part of the military presence in Thailand. The scope was widened and the focus broadened to include ALL military personnel stationed in Thailand, regardless of branch or assignment dates. This change had a tremendous effect, enabling us to reach out to veterans of all types of units, even predating the Vietnam War years.

A direct result in this change brought on the need for an organizational name change and a new logo.

The name was changed to "The 519th Transportation Association, Thailand" and the logo is a hand drawn by our graphic arts folks (me) depicting the unit crest of the 519th Transportation Battalion surrounded by the group name.

The latest logo is the official illustration of the 519th Transportation Battalion logo, with The 519th Transportation Association, Thailand name superimposed in white lettering. This logo was adopted on 6 March 2012, and will be phased in to all of our web sites and email groups.

Additionally a patch was developed contains the title "519th Transportation Association" centered on top, with the 519th Transportation Battalion crest in the center, with the 9th Logistical Command patch to the wearers right, and the United States Army Support Command, Thailand patch to the wearers left, the word "THAILAND" is centered below. The bold gold lettering on a black background make this patch easy to adapt to cap, jacket, vest or ??

We've become the USARSUPTHAI Association and are striving to reach as many veterans, their family members and other interested persons to spread the word about our service in Thailand, and the after-effects of our service in an area so blatantly covered by AO chemicals.


There have been numerous side effects stimulating out of this website since its creation. The first has been either the creation or enabling of other veterans organizations to go "online" with a web presence:

  • ATAV - First there was a call from Rick Phillips (now deceased) in Georgia, which resulted in an existing veteran's organization "The Army Transportation Association, Vietnam" to gain a web presence in 1996.
  • TLC Brotherhood - Then there was a phone call from John Sweet in New Hampshire, which resulted in the web presence and ultimate creation of the "Thailand, Laos and Cambodia Brotherhood" in 1997.
  • The 18th Aviation Company Otter Nest - Another was a visit from Jim Wittel resulting in the creation of an online presence for "The 18th 54th & CAC Aviation Companies Otter Nest" Website in 2006.
  • USARSUPTHAI - Still another was a brainstorming session with Mark Olson and the creation of "The United States Army Support Command, Thailand Association" website in 2009.
  • OTHERS INSPIRED - A number of other websites have been inspired by the creation of this site since its inception.
  • DATA COLLECTION - Another side effect has been the collection of official, unofficial, personal stories and photographs about the various units stationed in Thailand that comprise the meat of this website.
  • REUNIONS - Were held every 2 years 2002 - 2012. These too began as an idea exchanged between two veterans who met for the first time in 2000, over coffee in Colorado Springs. One was a former Specialist Five truck driver (Joseph J. Wilson, Jr., SFC, USA (Retired) from one of the line truck companies, while the other was the former Battalion Commander (Harry "Fred" Middleton, COL, USA (Retired) - now deceased) who deployed the 519th Transportation Battalion from Fort Meade, MD, to Thailand in 1966. All reunions are self supporting as registrants prepay at registration for their banquet meal, and pay for their own rooms at check out. A modest registration fee covers hospitality room and/or incidentals incurred during the reunion.
  • MUSEUM EXHIBIT - Efforts began in 2006 at the US Army Transportation Museum at Fort Eustis, Virginia to create a historic display of United States Army Motor Transport Operations in Thailand. The 519th Transportation Association, Thailand provided personal items from our members, as well as official documentation to establish the efforts of a single transportation truck battalion in the Thailand Theatre of Operations from 1966 - 1976. Feel free to stop in at the museum when you are in the Fort Eustis, Virginia area and inquire on the status of this special display.

Joe Wilson - Truckmaster

Map of Thailand

Nuggets of the motor pool

This is a new section for the 519th TAT website. In case you spent a little time in the motor pool, whether you call yourself a driver or mechanic, this brings back memories from the past:    (Courtesy of - FAQ)

From "Moose" Osegueda's photo files

What DA PAM covers maintenance?
DA PAM 750-8

What DA PAM is the Guide for Motor Pool Operations?
DA PAM 750-35

What Army Regulation covers the Army Material Maintenance Policy and Retail Management?
AR 750-1

What are the 4 levels of Maintenance?
1. Unit
3. Direct support
4. General support
5. Depot

What does PMCS stand for?
Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services

When is a PMCS required to be performed?

Before, during and after the operation of a piece of equipment and also at weekly and monthly intervals

What is a TM?
A Technical Manual, outlines the specific scope of repairs on equipment

What is a DD Form 314?
Preventative Maintenance Schedule Record

What series of manuals refer to organizational maintenance?
The 20 series

What forms are contained in the equipment record folder when the vehicle is dispatched?
• DA Form 2404- Equipment inspection and maintenance worksheet
• SF 91- Operator's report of motor vehicle accident
• DD Form 518- Accident ID card
• DD Form 1970- Vehicle utilization record
• SF 96- Vehicle accident report form

Who is required to perform a PMCS?
Every operator who is assigned a piece of equipment

What does TAMMS stand for?
The Army Maintenance Management System

What forms are filled out at the time of dispatch?
• DD Form 1970- Vehicle utilization record
• DA Form 2401- Organizational control record for equipment

What DA Form do you use to order parts?
DA Form 2765

What is the DA Form 2407 used for?
To request support maintenance on a piece of equipment

What type of manual is used to perform operator level PMCS?
The operator’s manual (10 series)

Before a vehicle can be dispatched, what safety equipment must be present?
Fire extinguishers (up to date inspection tags), complete first aid kit and highway warning kit

What status symbol faults cannot be entered onto DA Form 2408-14 (Uncorrected Fault Record)?
Any X faults

What is a class 1 leak?
Seepage of fluid not great enough to form drops

What does PLL mean?
Prescribed Load List

What is a class 2 leak?
Seepage of fluid great enough to form drops, but not great enough to cause the drops to fall during inspection

What does NOR mean?
Not Operationally Ready

What is a class 3 leak?
Seepage of fluid great enough to form drops and drip during inspection

How many days does a basic PLL load sustain a unit in combat?
15 days

What does the Acronym MAIT stand for?
Maintenance Assistance and Instruction Team

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